Samstag, 27. August 2011

trackrace meeting bielefeld 2011

... arriving @ the trackrace meeting the bad weather already left a sign:

... real old paint. - i whish the paint on my W650 was looking like that!

... inside the arena - really impressive curves!

... but again & again there was rain.

... and the track was very slippery like that. - and it seemed there's no racing for today.

... i fell in love with this Norton CS1

... and this one - Saroléa OHV 500 Supersport.

... the rain left time for closer looks on various bikes.

... love these open valve mechanics.

... nice clutch(?) lever.

... love these bar-end-levers.

...then these three dudes carried their bikes into the arena for a photosession

... this lured others into the arena and slowly the sky cleared!

... the track is open!

... thomas on his WLA -

... but the end of the race was already on the horizon.

... old indians never die :)

... a few minutes later she was all wet again.

... great event - hopefully with better weather in the future.

3 Kommentare:

  1. Hi Brauchi, great pics. Unfurtenately we could not Race for a 2cnd run. Top much Rain. Anyway next Year Othello Be better -for sure.

  2. Verdammte iPad Wortvervollständigung oder wie das heisst. Kommt ja nur Kauderwelsch raus. Sorry.

  3. :D hab ich bei meinem vor kurzem abgestellt ;)